Just call me the hot mess express

It has been a very long time since I have written anything. I let too many aspects of life get in my way and things got away from me. That all stops today! Today I get back on the path which leads to 140.6 ultimately.

The death of my mom, school, grad school, and my dad being ill, led to so much that overwhelmed me. The last few weeks I have been getting myself together to be ready to hop on the bus towards my goals. I have tightened up my eating, and added in some workouts, found a training plan.

Today is the day it begins, today I and a group of ladies are starting the 75 hard challenge, It is the way I am going to build some habits into my life and days. A link for anyone interested in learning more: https://andyfrisella.com/pages/75hard-info

75 hard is basically for 75 days in a row you engage in some required behaviors and if you miss one, you have to start over. I am committed to getting through the next 75 days as the way to help me focus now that I have made the jump to have room in my schedule.

I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for me and how far I will go towards my goals.

Dealing with the Fallout


     I am an emotional eater.  It is something that I work on all the time.  The last 6 months have really caused me to go so far off the rails with my eating habits.  Between the eating fast food while running between class, work and the hospital, and the emotional eating of dealing with my mom being so sick, and adding in the holidays and my birthday after she lost the battle she was fighting, I have gained weight, and it is totally my own fault for not finding a better way to deal with it.  So I decided to start looking into meal prep companies.  With my schedule cooking and getting everything together is just one more thing I struggle to add into my days.  While doing a google search I stumbled upon Trifecta Nutrition. 

     Most of the companies I found locked you in to a set meal plan, not so with Trifecta, they offer an Ala Carte option, that I have discovered which I love.  I think it makes things so much easier to order protein, carbs and veggies, and then I can mix and match my meals so I am not locked in to one type of meal.  I am about to complete my first full week using the service.  I kind of love it. I use Trifecta for 2 of my main meals every day.  Then I have supper with my family and 2 snacks in order to hit my macros for the day.  Speaking of my macros, that is something I always struggle with getting in enough protein especially.  It is so much easier with having everything portioned, so I know I am getting 4oz of protein which makes tracking easy.  I have also been able to add in things that I don’t normally get on a regular basis.  Things like Bison, Ahi Tuna and Quinoa, that are not readily available where I live or take too long to make without taking shortcuts that eliminate some of the health benefits involved. 

      I weighed myself and this week I am down just over 4 pounds….in the first week!!!   I can’t wait to take my pictures and measurements when I am a month in to see the changes to my body.  I have also been having way less stomach issues, and lets be honest if you know me well you know my stomach hates me….I am sick or in pain a lot, and eating this way with less processed foods, my stomach seems to like that plan.  Having this tool to help me refocus my eating from my emotions has been a big help. I am so excited to see where this year takes me to see what I can achieve.  I have a goal in mind, but I am not ready to share that just yet…. I will however share a link below for you to check out what Trifecta offers and see if they can help you.  I think this is just the plan I need to get my training fueled for my 70.3 in August.  Oh, one other thing, I have a discount that I can share for 20% off your first order with Trifecta!  So send me a message here, or on Facebook if you want to try them out! Happy Training ❤

Here is the link to check them out!


Obstacles everywhere




This year has been a doozy, I guess more specifically since May…. I graduated!  I was so proud of that, and I am off to my next degree by attending Northern Illinois University.  I was having some plantar faciitis issues in May, and then started having some trouble with my elbow.  I followed orders and both seem to be better now.  I haven’t been training much, although I am working to get back on track.  Just as I was starting to get back into the swing of things with training, my mom got sick.  She has been in the ICU now for 19 days, she is improving some, and is currently in what they call the step down ICU.  She will be ok, but she has a long road ahead of her.  I realized who I could really count on the last few weeks, the friends who were there, even the ones who don’t know my mom.  I was however focusing so much on my mom and making sure my dad was eating and all that good stuff, that I was neglecting myself…..a lot… So I am back to putting myself higher on my list of things to do and take care of.  I put some workouts on my calendar and started tracking my eating habits. I was kind of scared to step on the scale, but to my surprise I actually lost some weight since the last time I weighed myself.  I will get back to training, mainly because well…it is making me a giant bitch(worse than usual) to not be training and working out.  I may get a couple of races in before the year is over, but I have a feeling that I will be building for next year rather than actually doing too much racing with what is left of this year, and I have to let that be ok.  Life has gotten in my way a bit, but if I focus on what I missed, I won’t be living in the now, and that is something I have decided is way more important.  Overcoming any obstacle that comes in my path will make me a better and stronger person.  In the words of Meredith Atwood, this is the year of no nonsense.

Keeping up the fight….

It has been a long time since I have written, this semester has been one that has beat me up a bit with school but I will graduate in 22 days!!! I feel like I have been working on this forever and it is finally here.  The first part of my journey is done.  I am very excited to finish take the summer off and enjoy training and racing before I start my next step of my journey at NIU in the fall.  I am battling the allergies and everything that comes with them again….I am being smarter than I have in the past, not pushing myself when I am sick, letting my body heal. If you know me well, you know I am a never give up keep going until I drop kinda chick….well I am trying to be a listen to your body and rest when you are sick so you can fight it off rather than keep getting sick over and over again kind of chick.   So training has been on the back burner for a bit trying to let my body get right.  I do know I need to start my allergy routine for spring/summer sooner….. lol  hopefully avoid this next year.  I have learned that keeping up the fight to reach your goals can mean different things.  sometimes it is listening to your body rather than pushing through.  I have my first 5k of the year on Sunday, I most likely will walk, my lungs are still tender from being sick, and I will just enjoy the time with friends that are doing it and enjoy their company rather than beat myself up for not being able to run the way I want to.  That has been a lesson I have had to learn, that I can’t always beat myself up mentally when things don’t go how I want them to.  I have learned that life happens and if I keep up the negative, I will drag myself down even further, so I am trying to embrace whatever life throws my way and go with it.  So while my fight to reach my goals may not always be the picture I have in my head, I am doing my best to remember the journey is never a straight line, there will be highs and lows, and that is what makes getting there worth it.



Training tools….



We as athletes use many training tools to measure and try to improve our performance. We use all kinds of gadgets to test body fat, weight, speed, how much we can lift how hard we can pedal or swim.   In September I was given a unique opportunity to try a new tool to improve my performance.  I was a little skeptical to be honest of how much it would help, but I decided to give it a shot.  I agreed to be a brand ambassador for Quest Diagnostics Blueprint for Athletes Program.   I signed up for my first blood draw I picked the Training status stack.   It was super convenient, I just scheduled the blood draw, and they come to you and with my crazy schedule that made my life so much easier.  After about a week I got my results. They showed me things I was not aware of like my iron was low for one thing.  You get a great report with your test results telling you what all the numbers mean and how to fix anything that is not in range of where it should be.  I also got the coaching option with that stack. It was about a 30 minute call with a Registered Dietitian who was able to go into detail about what my results meant and how to fix a couple things that were off.  My most recent blood draw though gave me a lot of information about how my training affects my body.  I worked out, ate a snack and then had my blood draw after that.  My glucose level was pretty low.  For someone with PCOS that is not normal, most people with PCOS tend to run on the higher side for Blood Sugar.  That shows me that my blood sugar is dropping pretty far when I am training, and I need to make sure I am taking in a little extra fuel when I am on a longer training ride/run, or I could get Hypoglycemic.  I mean it was outside the ranges for low, and I had just eaten about 45 min before I had my blood draw so it should not have been that low, especially since I had milk with my snack which is higher in sugar naturally.  This result especially may explain why I am struggling late in my races, anything longer than a 5k I seem to struggle late in the race.  I am super excited to be able to use the information that I am getting from these tests to help me improve my performance and hit all my goals for 2018!  I think adding this tool to my “toolbox” is going to be a game changer for me as far as training and hitting my goals.  Happy Training <3<3

Taking things to the next level





Do you ever wonder why?  What motivates you to move, go for that run, bike whatever exercise that you like to do.  Is it so you can lose weight, feel better, to battle your depression, or just escape your day.  For me it is that I actually like it.  I like sweating and the pain after a good hard lifting session.  I like to see how far I can push myself.  Sometimes I fail at what I am trying to do, but I always keep trying.  I am always looking for ways to adjust and get my body to respond better. To push myself to the next level.  To hit the goals I am aiming for. Especially concerning my PCOS, I am always tweaking what I am doing to find what works best to keep the hormones and other symptoms in check.  I am researching all the time trying to find what works.  However that can become a tedious process, especially since I can’t always tell if things are working without blood work from my doctor, which as we all know is time consuming and sometimes expensive.  I was presented with a unique opportunity.  I have been named a Brand Ambassador for the Blueprint for Athletes program through Quest Diagnostics.  I am excited to be able to get the blood work when I want, where I want, the best part of this program is  they come to you to draw the blood, you just schedule they appointment.  I had my first appointment for the first stack(set of tests) I bought on Friday, I am anxiously awaiting my results it takes about 7 days.  It was so easy, and actually the easiest blood draw I have ever had.   I think this is really going to help me take my training to a whole new level especially when it comes to my PCOS and hormones.  Being in a war with your body all the time sucks.  The tests are pretty reasonable considering they will send someone to you to draw the blood.  I got a discount code for myself, and one to share with people, which I think is a great deal.  I am super stoked about being able to utilize this program to help me move forward with my goals!  I think 2018 will be my best year yet!  Happy Training <3<3



It has been a while since I have written, probably too long.  I have been going through some things, school has been kicking my butt this semester.  So I have been insanely busy.  I want to talk about something important though, I have been struggling with my workouts and things lately and it is because of my head space.  I let someone else get in there, and this person made me feel not good enough, that I wasn’t really trying.  That I wasn’t really an athlete, it brought up a lot of bad things in my mind.  I had to do some serious thinking and I realized, I am not the issue.  This person is, no one should EVER make you feel not good enough.  Whether this person was aware of how they were treating me or not, they were affecting me and I realized I was sabotaging myself.  The sabotage was because I was letting someone else in my head, which was totally my fault.  I have removed that person from my life,  without any confrontation, just removed them.  I refuse to give this person the power to affect my thoughts and feelings about myself.  So now I start doing a little rebuilding for myself, getting my confidence back, getting back on track with my workouts (thanks T).  I am thankful for some amazing friends who helped me see what was happening to me, and how it was affecting me.  I thank them for listening,  For offering to take care of the person for me, I kinda felt like I was dealing with the mob, when one friend offered to whack the person lol….. I am thankful for my Trimafia Family, for supporting me, and being there when I need them the most.  Who would have thought a simple application for a brand ambassador program would bring such amazing people into my life.  I am Thankful to Todd and Angela for picking me.  I may not be fast, and I have had some health struggles, but they have been amazing in supporting me.  I can’t wait to see what next year will hold for me, I do have some big plans, that I have, I can’t wait to see how they play out! I will be graduating in May, and completing my internship over the summer.  By this time next year I will have my associates degree and be a certified personal trainer through NSCA.  I will also be working towards my B.A. I lost sight for a bit of what my goals were. Just remember your self-worth should not be tied to someone else’s opinion of you.  Do what you want, aim for your dreams, put in the work, that is what determines your self-worth.  Happy Training <3<3

Facing my fear and the demons


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So as anyone who has been following me knows I have struggled the last year….With numerous infections, between my sinuses, ears, and bronchitis and the asthma that goes along with that.  Well thankfully they finally figured out what was causing the issues.  I am glad and think the injections are working on my allergies.  As soon as that started happening, I developed a condition called Torticollis, basically my neck was stuck in one position for most of a month, I didn’t train, I literally slept and worked.  Finally that has cleared up after a visit to the Chiro.  I am finally able to start training again.  Which I am extremely happy about because let’s be honest when I can’t train, I am kind of a bitch to be around.  The training helps me keep my depression and anxiety in check, and no training means I turn into an emotional wreck.  So everyone I know is quite happy I am able to train again.  I have a race coming at the end of the month, it is a 10 miler, am I ready for it? NOT AT ALL….lol Will i get closer to being ready yes… I will be doing it with amazing friends who will support me, who always seem to support me no matter how far away I am. I love knowing I have people like that in my life.  So I will finish that race, I will probably be slow about it, but I will finish and I will celebrate afterwards with the amazing friends I have met through the Michigan Runners group, and be happy that I am back on the way to feeling more like myself.  I may not be fast, but I will finish and I will celebrate the finish as a step towards where I want to be towards all the goals I am aiming for.  I also submitted my first application for my BA because I will be finishing my Associates degree this year. It seems like it has flown by, everything is going so fast, and I am finally getting closer to my goals which is a bit scary and makes me a bit panicky but thanks to some of my amazing friends for talking me off the ledge when I need it.  I am also branching out and trying new fitness things…..stay tuned….Happy Training <3<3






I have had a bit of a setback in my training……Last Wednesday I woke up with what I thought was a stiff neck.  I just thought maybe I slept funny or something.  By Saturday morning, I was having trouble using my left arm without pain, and there was no head turning, or nodding going on without a shooting pain.  I went to the Doctor.  Turns out I have a condition called Torticollis.  So with instructions on PT exercises, and muscle relaxers to try an loosen things up.  Well It is now Wednesday again and all I have accomplished is working, and sleeping most of the rest of the day.  At some points, I feel like the pain is better and I can use my arm, and turn my head, but then it comes back with a vengeance.  So I am still doing the stretching stuff, and applying heat, and taking the meds.  I am going to call again in the morning, and see if there is anything else I can do, I am also going to see about scheduling a massage.  I am getting very cranky from not working out.  I am also starting to have pain in my knee, having the arthritis I need to be moving, that keeps the pain away.  Plus if this takes too long to heal I will be putting my race in October in danger.  So send all the positive vibes you can……..



Faking it



Lately I’ve had my butt firmly planted on the struggle bus.  Partly stress, partly health stuff, partly in my own head.  I’m currently at the fake it till you make it stage of the game.  Trying to get myself back on track with training.  Just putting one foot in front of the other. Trying to keep going towards my goal. I’m still in struggle bus mode, but I’m losing forward trying to get out of that attitude. Leaning on people close to me to help me do that.  Working on feeling normal again.  I may not be where I want to be, but I’ll keep pushing till I am…..