Some days I’m just exhausted. ….life is just exhausting.  Those are the days i need to take a breath and a step back.   Today was one of those days.   I took a nap,  probably not in the best place, or way but I did it.  I had a little time between when class got out and when I had to get to work.  I leaned the seat back in my car and slept.   I needed it.   I felt better after and I had some energy.   I got through the rest of my day.  Now as I lay in bed looking back on my day.  I remind myself sometimes you just need to step back.   And remember what your working towards.   The journey is sometimes the reward. …… big changes will be coming for me and I’m ready!



I am sometimes amazed by people….I just am, and not in the bad why they hell do you act that way amazed.  I am amazed how people come through when you need help, especially people you have never met in real life.  I am in some amazing running groups, but one of them yesterday really stepped up to help me and I am so blessed. I have been struggling to get donations for my stair climb race to benefit the American Lung Association, I suck at fundraising, and this is the only race I do it for.   This is a cause close to my heart.  So I made a tee spring campaign to help with it.  I was talking to my friend Matt about it.  I met Matt purely by accident in a Facebook running group, and he invited me to the group he admins, Michigan Runners, I know you are asking yourself, why I am in a group for Michigan runners when I live in Illinois?  They are an awesome supportive group, and they welcomed me with open arms, and it has really helped push me in my training.  Matt offered to let me use the logo for the group for another Tee spring campaign, so he and I designed a new shirt.  He posted in the group about the shirt, and in about 3 hours time, they had ordered enough shirts that I was almost 1/2 way to my fundraising goal.  One of the amazing members made an additional donation, so in one day this amazing group of people helped me almost hit my fundraising goal.  I am so thankful to have found such an amazing group of people who have supported me, and they have never met me, and most of them probably never will.  I have truly been blessed by some of the people that running has brought into my life.  This also makes me want to work a little harder to get to the race that Matt is trying to talk me into doing in Michigan so I can meet some of these amazing people.

Here is where the crazy comes in. …


So why am I awake at 5:30 on a Sunday?   Because most of the people I know think I’m crazy, but I have goals and a plan and in order to achieve them, I have to put in the work.  I have to train,  in the pool,  on the bike,  and on my feet.   I also have to strengthen my body.  Make it strong to be able to last for a long time during a race.  Like I said most of the people I know think I’m crazy,  but not everyone.  I have found my tribe and I’m so thankful for those people.  The ones who tell me I  can do it,  who offer to train with me.  Who offer me a place to crash for a race. Who are amazing athletes and offer advice,  training ideas.  Who listen when I’m frustrated, sore, tired and ready to throw in the towel. Who when i can’t afford things have bought them for me to help me train.  They are MY Tribe and I appreciate and love them more than they probably know. I appreciate them more than they know.  So if you are in my tribe thank you so much for being my kind of crazy! If you haven’t found this in your life I really hope you do someday.


Why is my body so crazy?!?

So I met with the Sports Nutritionist earlier this week, and even before that I started to tighten my diet up and eat more clean. Now I am sick, the same thing happened at the end of November when I was trying to get on track.  I am assuming it is all the crap leaving my body, but I need to keep at it.  In November, I let myself slide back into old habits, because it was a comfort.  The thing is you can’t out exercise a bad diet. While I didn’t gain during the time I was struggling, I didn’t lose either.  I have worked too hard and given up too much to slide backwards.  My official training plan starts Feb 1, but I am currently working on building a base.  Being sick sucks, I haven’t worked out in a couple days and that is making me cranky, but I am taking my friend Cheryl’s advise and getting lots of rest and fluids to let my body get over this. I am hoping to get back to the gym Saturday morning.  I am struggling some with this schedule.  I know it is only the second week, but I will be glad when I adjust.  I am excited to be working towards a degree I am passionate about, and eventually to be able to help people like me.

Eat alllll the food

I have found since I have been upping my training time/miles I seem to feel like I am starving especially the next day.  Yesterday I spent about 2.5 hours at the gym and today I want to eat everything…lol.  The biggest issue with that is, since I had my surgery and my stomach is so small, I can only eat about a cup of food in one sitting.  Which makes getting in enough calories so hard,  especially on a day I burn 3000+ calories by working out alone, not even counting my BMR.  I know that I need to figure this out, since my workouts are only going to become more intense as my race gets closer.  This semester I am taking a Sports Nutrition class that I am very excited about, I think it will be a huge help in figuring out how to fuel and get what I need.  I also decided that it is time to go see the Sports Nutritionist, she has good knowledge of bariatric patients, and I think that will help me get this figured out. I know that I need to lean out more before I get close to my race. I am hoping that both of these things will help me fuel to reach my maximum performance.  I want to get to where I need to be.  I need to keep working hard to make sure that I cut some more weight off.  I am already tracking everything going in, and I am also trying to eliminate most of the processed food, and eat with a more whole foods approach, I know most people say that should help me lose weight, but for someone with my small stomach,  it is different, I have to eat way more frequently to get in enough calories, and that is not always easy to do, I need to get back on an eating schedule so that I am not waiting too long to eat, that is another issue, because I don’t feel hunger like most people.  If I am not paying attention, and I forget to eat, all of the sudden I realize that my blood sugar is too low, and I feel the effects.  I am hoping after my appointment on Monday I will have a better plan in place.


I am a planner, I always have been, and since I work 3 jobs, go to school, and have decided to do this race that is going to take a big time commitment from me. So I have been working on a training bible of sorts. I have it set up now, including my training plan, a nutrition log for workouts so I can see what works and what doesn’t, the information from my swim, bike fuel program.  As well as a calendar with my current races that I am doing this year on it.  I am super organized, and I think that will carry me far when it comes to my training. I have noticed in the past, when I don’t plan I don’t do as well.  I want to do well, and I want to succeed in this race.  I want to set goals, and beat them.  I am nervous, and I am hoping that as I move forward in my training that will ease up some.  I also found a Tri club that is close, that I can join so I think that will help me some, to be with other more experienced triathletes.  I was totally blessed to be gifted the swim, bike fuel program, and it is an awesome Program, Thank you to Meridith Atwood and Meredith Vieceli for creating it.  I think it is going to make a huge difference in my training.  If you have the chance to take it I highly recommend it. I plan to own this year, and thank you for following along with me

So it starts…….

I had my first race of the year yesterday. On my birthday……I always try to do a 5k at least.  It was 24 degrees,  the wind was brutal right in my face for over a mile.   But I hit a PR by 2 min 7 sec.  I have been struggling to get faster apparently all the extra training is working.   I think back to my first 5k it was a finish time of 57:01.  Yesterday’s race was almost 14 min faster. I’m happy to see progress finally.   Tomorrow is my second race of the season,  and my first tri.  It is an indoor race a 10 min swim, 30 min bike, and 20 min run.   It was the first tri I did last year,  I’m excited to see how I’ve improved.   I’m sure I will do better in all 3 sports. I’ve set goals for myself now to see if I can hit them.   I’m a little worried since I’ve been stuffy all day.  I took a rest day to try and not be sick tomorrow.   Wish me luck!