Too much?!? I never want to go back!

I hear it all the time, people tell me I work out too much.  The best is when they say well you had that surgery you should be able to lose weight without working out so much. Well let me just enlighten some of you who don’t know.  The surgery is not a magic thing, that you will just lose weight and keep it off forever.  It is an amazing tool  I was given, but that is exactly what it is a tool, if I am not using it the right way, it will not help me at all.  In the beginning they have what is called the honeymoon phase, and then yes, you can lost with changing or doing very little.  That will only work for a small window, then if you don’t change, you will put everything  right back on, you can gain weight after weight loss surgery.  You can set yourself back, so yes I work out a lot, but I am also training for a huge race, if I wasn’t my workouts would not be as long or as intense as they are. I am training for a race that odds are will probably take me almost 8 hours to complete.  If I was just working out to workout, I wouldn’t be spending hours at the gym, or running, biking, swimming. This race is a huge deal to me.  I am thankful for all the people who support me, and tell me I can do this.  Who offer to train with me, and listen to me when I am just so exhausted I don’t know where to look.   There are also other people in my life, those are the ones who don’t get it.  Who don’t get my fears,  who don’t get that if I get too lack in following the rules, I will gain my weight back.  I will not let that happen.  So I have been just letting go of the people who don’t support my dream. I do my best to stay in contact with those who always have my back, reaching out making time to hang out, or try to at least, because unfortunately most my friends are in the same boat as me.  Once June is over and I have finished my race, I will slow down, some, but right now I am just doing the best I can…..hopefully the people in my life will get that and still be there for me….. it’s just like the Dr Seuss quote:




Long Run……

Tonight my plan called for a long run, this early in the plan that is a 60 min run.  I ran the fastest I have in a long while, at least consistently.  I struggle with pacing, it is my biggest issue, I have been using the treadmill to  try and get a better feel for my pacing.  It seems like it is working.  I did 4.3 miles on the treadmill for my run, then I decided that I would walk on the track, and I maintained an even pace.  I was almost exactly the same on all 27 laps, it takes 8.8 laps to make a mile, and I did 3 miles.  I feel like things are clicking with my running.  I think this training plan is helping  a lot.  I have been worried about my nutrition during the races, and training.  I have been experimenting with things.  I finally found a Gu I can stomach salted watermelon.  I love tailwind, and Honey Stingers Wafers.  Tomorrow I will be trying the honey stingers chews.   I will need multiple sources for any long races. Since my body metabolizes things to quickly.  I have 2 virtual halfs coming up I will be running with Kelly and that will help me see what really works on a long run.  On a super happy note I fit into a size large running pants, the day of my surgery, I was a 4xl.  I can’t believe how far I have come……you should always celebrate the small things, because the small ones add up to the big ones…..

The pool…..

When I was a kid, I loved the pool, I would swim for hours, and hours.  I mean I spent so much time in the pool I would turn blond in the summer.  Then I started getting older, and bigger, especially when puberty hit, and those hormones kicked in. Those hormones, I will battle them for the rest of my life.  Tonight I was doing my “short swim” as one of my friends call anything under 2000 m is short apparently.  I did 1800 tonight, and I probably could have swam longer, I realized, I am getting that love back again that I had as a kid.  I was enjoying my swim, even the drills.  I felt strong, and when I was done, I realized I am getting faster.  I think as my passion for it is coming back, it is making me faster.  My workouts don’t feel like such a chore. It is strange to me, I have gained a little weight, but after checking out my shoulder and back muscles after my swim, I think I am putting on muscle.  It is hard to look at the number on the scale when I have worked so hard to lose weight.  The only thing is my clothes are not getting tighter, if anything the waist area is getting looser.  So I have decided to not focus so much on weight for a while.  Tonight I measured different areas, and recorded those measurements, and in 1 month, I will take the same measurements again to see the difference.  I need to be able to get my head wrapped around it.  So I have put my scale away, so I am not weighing at home, I will still weigh in when I go to the Sports Dietitian, but that is every other week.  so I will not be obsessing about it.  Can’t wait to see what the month brings!!!!

Surgery…..and life

I am taking Sports Nutrition this semester, it is part of my degree track to earn my associates in Exercise Science and then my BA in Dietetics.  It is interesting to say the very least what I am learning, things that I never would have known.  For example things like food makers can round the number of calories in a food, and most times they round down, so you are taking in more calories than you think if you are tracking your calories.  Some of you know that I am working with a sports dietitian.  She is amazing.  Having has the weight loss surgery I think about food more now than I ever did before surgery, it is hard when you can only eat small amounts of food to eat enough that you aren’t run down.  Training for endurance sports makes it even harder because you need carbs in order to fuel your workouts and make sure you have enough glycogen stores, to perform the way you want.  That is hard to do to let the carbs in, when you have the surgery they teach you protein first, they drill it into you, that you eat protein, and then if there is any room left, you can have vegetables, then starch and maybe fruit.  So you adjust to the new way of eating, and it is going great, but then all of the sudden you find you are training and can barely make it through your workouts.  So I called my dietitian at my surgeon’s office and asked her what I should do, why I was so tired.  She referred me to a Sports Dietitian.  That has made a huge impact on my training. But it has not been easy, having to change the way I am eating again has been tough.  Having to add Carbs back into my diet especially before a workout, retraining my brain again.  It was a struggle though and I slipped here and there trying to figure it all out.  Figuring out what to eat and when,  when you can eat only about a cup of food in one sitting and then you are training for races that are going to take almost 8 hours it is hard to find a good balance.  I am thankful for the amazing team at my surgeon’s office, and my new dietitian that I am working with.  I am also thankful that I have found someone to help me with my running, that is my hardest struggle is running, I work hard at it, but I suck at it.  With help from this new coach, I am hoping soon I will suck less at it.  I am really progressing on the swim, and the bike is hard to tell since I am riding the trainer or a spin bike, but I am going further than I was in the same time, and in spin class I can increase my push point.  Hopefully my biking  will translate to the road.  All I can do is give it my best and hope that is enough when the race comes…….


Today I did not want to work out…..I drove myself to the gym, and just sat in my car, the whole time thinking I just want to go home and lay down.  I had a 1700 m swim on the plan, and I just had no motivation to do it.  So I posted in one of my groups and got the best advice.  You can’t always rely on motivation……and that is true.  There are days you just don’t want to do it, you want to eat crap, be lazy, just in general rebel against the things you know you need to do.  I eventually got out of the car and did my swim, not because I was motivated, simply because it is what I needed to do.  I know what my ultimate goal is, and what I have to do to get there.  So I got my butt in the gym and swam, and swam….it seemed like forever and then I was done.  Someone asked if I felt better, the answer, no not really, I am more tired than I was before, but I feel proud that I did it even when my whole body said no.  I got myself up and moving.  There was a time I wouldn’t have, I would have just turned around and went home.  But I don’t want to be that person who gives up on myself anymore.  I want to be the person who finishes what I start, and lets nothing stand in my way.  Even when I am sore and tired, I will achieve what I set out to!  I am starting a long 20 week journey to my goal, and I am blessed to have people in my life who will tell me to get off my ass on the days I just don’t want to.  I am however thankful that tomorrow is a rest day on my training plan, even though I am working both jobs, it will be an active rest day, but a rest day from training.

Day 2…..

Today was day 2 of my training plan. …getting through my workout was hard. I’m tired already. …it was the longest I’ve swam at once probably ever. But I did it,  I  know that the more I swim the better I will be,  it will also help my running,  and hopefully my biking.   Training for 3 sports at once is hard.   It’s taxing on your body,  but it’s making me realize I can do much more than I ever thought possible.   My body can handle more than I give myself credit for.   I have a feeling that the next 20 weeks are going to fly by. That race day will be here before I know it.   I do know that i will follow my training plans to the letter.  I will be a better athlete by the time my race gets here!