Giving back

I have been thinking about this a lot lately.  We all like to race, but how many of you volunteer?  Volunteers are what makes a race possible. Without the volunteers who help set up our courses, man the aid stations,  clean up after us to be honest the races would not happen.  They stand out in the rain, cold, even all night in the dark to support us when we run a race.  How many of you thank the volunteers when you see them?  How many of you volunteer for races?  It is something I think is very important, something I try to do several times during the season, this year is no different.  I am currently signed up to volunteer at 4 races before the season is over.  Just think if every runner volunteered for one race, Race Directors would not have to beg for help to put on the races that we all love to do.  So my challenge to all of you reading this, find a race that you aren’t planning on doing and volunteer.  Support other runners, give back to the community that we all love to be a part of.



I can’t seem to find mine, since I was sick.  It seems to have totally run away. I just can’t seem to find my rhythm, and get my crap together.  I need to get back on my training plan, I have 8 weeks until my race, and I would like to not die during my race….. I did do a slow 10k on Saturday, and my running coach thinks I will be able to be half ready by my race, but to quote him, it is going to hurt….. but maybe that is what I need. I miss the feeling after a good workout, the pain, the soreness.  Right now, because I haven’t been working out, my arthritis is the worst it has been in a long time.  I can barely walk some days, I need to work out for that fact alone. I am also stalled out on my weight loss, it has basically stopped lbs, inches I am not losing anything at this point. I know it is the PCOS, I need to be active to keep that in check, my diet is good, but I have to workout. It is hard to explain to people what it is like to fight your own body all the time.  It can be very exhausting to live that way.  Well this stops tomorrow. I will be getting back to my training plan, and get my shit together!  Tomorrow calls for a 45 min bike, and a 30 min run. I will get it in before class, if I don’t I won’t do it.   I hate that I have let myself down like this.  I need to do better.  Working out has always been my time to myself, and I need to start getting back to that, and taking care of me, putting me first.

falling behind

I haven’t written anything in a while, I have been sick, I was sicker than I thought.  It turns out I have Pneumonia, not just a sinus thing.  It really sucks. I am exhausted, and walking down the hall wears me out.much less doing any physical activity.  I miss it, and that is crazy to me, I never would have thought I would.  I am falling behind on training for my race, which is very scary to me.  This race has had so much of my focus, and now I am worried that I won’t make it. I am trying to just focus on getting better, watching my diet, so I don’t put any weight on while I am sick,  I have succeeded so far. I am happy about that.  Hopefully I won’t lose too much while I am down…… I am hoping when I start easing back into things I will start bouncing back.