Good days, and bad



Being an adult is just sucky sometimes, you plan to do things and sometimes life just gets in the way.  For example this weekend I should be traveling to Michigan, to run a race with some friends, I am not doing that however, because of some life issues that got in the way. I am disappointed, but I know that I have to do what I need to do.  I have never not started a race I have signed up for, and I feel like I am slightly letting down the friends I was running with as we are on a team, they were able to replace me, which is good so they won’t be short a person.  I was so ready to go I already had my bag packed.   But I will keep moving forward.  I started classes this week, and I am super excited for my weight lifting class, we will not only be learning safe ways to lift, but writing our own lifting plan based on what our goals are.  I think this will be a huge help especially with my triathlon training, getting stronger can only help in the long run.  I also spoke to my Sports nutrition teacher from last semester, and she is going to help me tighten up my eating plan, which I am also excited about. I also with the help of Terry Wilson, was able to connect with a Triathlon coach who will, I hope be able to help me get to the next level in my training.  So I guess being an adult you have to take the good with the bad….this week was both….. Happy and safe training everyone!







Have you ever noticed that we tend to have a skewed perception of ourselves?  Especially women, I am guilty of it, and most women I know are too.  Someone pays you a compliment and you down play it, or point out a flaw you have.  I have noticed lately that I do it a lot.  I don’t give myself the credit I deserve for the work I put in.  Lately that other girl has been taking over my thoughts.  The one I used to be, she has been creeping back in.  I am not sure why I am starting to have such self doubts about myself, but I need to get control of it, before I start doing things I shouldn’t and sabotage all the hard work I have put in training, and eating healthy.  I need to work on just saying thank you when someone pays me a compliment. To be honest I think most of us need to work on that.  Society has such high ideals, that we are mentally putting ourselves down, when we should be celebrating our victories and accomplishments.  It doesn’t matter if it is walking your first mile, or your 100th marathon. you should celebrate every victory because even if they seem small, any forward progress is amazing.  We tend to compare ourselves, and that is where we get lost.  I have several friends who are amazing runners, triathletes, and weight lifters, but once I start comparing myself to them, I get discouraged, because I may be slower, or not able to run the same distance, or lift as heavy of a weight.  That is the downfall we are society full of competition and comparison.  I need to get my mind wrapped around the fact, the only person I need to compete with is myself.  The only person who I need to beat, is the person I was yesterday, that is the improvement that matters.  So starting tomorrow, for the next 30 days, I am going to post something positive about my day, my training, my eating plan, just something positive.  They say it takes 21 days to make a habit, so by then end of the 30 days, hopefully I will be in the habit of thinking positively about myself and not comparing myself to the world around me.  I also plan to work on saying thank you when someone compliments me instead of minimizing it, or pointing out a flaw.  I think this is something we should all practice. 🙂

Life is a crazy journey……

We all know this, we all have good days, bad days and the days you want to burn everything around you down…lol  But the thing is Tomorrow is ALWAYS a new day,  a new start.  I have days I just want to curl up and hide, and days where I really care what other people think.  I recently had one of those days.  I needed the talking to I got from my amazing friend Michael.  He is not one to sugar coat anything.  He talked me right out of my pity party and back into my normal, never stop moving, always aiming for a new goal self.  I don’t think he has any idea how much it helped.  I was in a dark place in my own head for a few days.  The thing is we all get there, just make sure when you do, you find your Michael to help you get out of it. Don’t be afraid to talk to your family, friends, whoever you consider your support system.  I have another friend who gets in his own head way too much, and he never wants to talk about it. I feel like I am pulling teeth to get him to talk, but he needs it, he is just not used to having someone like that who will just listen. I have another friend who has been in the hospital, and didn’t tell anyone.  My friend thinks other people have bigger struggles so she doesn’t want to bother anyone.  She has no idea how many people love her and would want to be there for her.  We all get into that trap of not wanting to bother people….I know I get emotional, and a little crazy when I am training hard, or for a big race like I am now.  Thankfully I have people in my life who reach out, check in with me.  We all get so wrapped up in getting the next PR, or trying to get on the podium, we forget, the Journey to the race is the reward, we meet amazing people, see amazing things.  Remember to stop and check in with people, and see the amazing things that surround you everyday, the people working so hard to just finish.  Don’t get so wrapped up in the end that you miss the whole thing.  🙂

Giving Credit……

I make no excuses I am a back of the pack runner, biker, and swimmer for the most part.  I am getting faster, but still on the slow side of the spectrum.  During races, every single person that passes me I say Good job, and  after the initial push at the start and things thin out, there are still a lot of them.  I thank the volunteers, the policemen, the Emt. because it is important to give people credit for the good they are doing for themselves and others.  I also comment or like every post I can on Facebook where people are talking about improving themselves, whether it is getting a better job, losing weight, working out what ever.  I try to be a good person, because deep down we all need that reinforcement that good feeling you get when someone gives you that real life or virtual high-five. It makes us feel good, and even more important it makes us want to keep doing things to have people say great job! We like feeling that way, like we have done something amazing even if it is a small thing we have done.  So the next time you are scolling through Facebook, and you see one of these posts stop to make a comment, give it a like, it takes nothing from you but a single second, but for the person you are giving the compliment to it could mean the world and it could encourage them more than you know.  The next time you are out running, say great job to the person you pass, guaranteed you will probably hear it back, and it might make their day.  You never know the struggle someone may be having and a kind word can make all the difference!


Get it together

OK, Saturday was a hard day, I was emotional, and I ended up with an infection in the ball of my foot which is why I was in so much pain.  So now that I have gotten that taken care of, and had a friend tell me I needed to get out of my own head.  I looked at my split times and Most of them were faster than my recent 5k times.  So I just need to relax some an remember why I love being out there. Remember how hard I have worked to earn all the medals on my wall.  I may not be fast, I may finish DFL, but to quote a friend, I have the heart to accomplish anything I set my mind to.  I forget sometimes, that I am working on my body and it is changing, that I am changing and becoming a better athlete.  I have been blessed to get all these amazing opportunities to help me in my training.  I need to remember that…..Take advantage of them and use them to become a better athlete 🙂 Remember where I came from !