Best Decision EVER!



Ok, I realize this is only week 3 of working with my coach, but I think it was the best decision I have made for my training. I love that I have someone planning for me, and making it personal to me. I have tried generic training plans, but struggled to stick with them.  I love that I just have to go into my training peaks, and there it is my whole week worth of workouts planned out for me, all I have to do is follow through.  I was not sure how the whole thing would work with it all being online….how long would it take to get an answer to my questions?  Then there was the nutrition question which is something I think I struggle with especially with my small baby stomach since surgery, sometimes I feel like I am eating all day long.  Well maybe I just got super lucky(thank you again Terry!)  to find the coach I did.  If I email him,  he is super responsive to my questions, and sometimes I feel dumb asking so many questions, but he answers all of them without making me feel that way.  Then came the nutrition conversation, which I wasn’t expecting at all honestly, but he had me log my food for 7 days, so he could see what I was eating.  After I sent him the information, he came back with what he wanted me to change.  I must be doing something right since I am losing weight again, and inches 🙂  I would highly recommend exploring getting a coach if you are wanting to improve your performance.  I have a feeling 2017 is going to be an amazing year for my racing.  I am used to just willy nilly signing up for races, but not this year, I am clearing all races through my coach, before I sign up.  Ask around, get recommendations, I wish I had sooner, but I also met Terry purely by chance, so maybe it was fate the whole time, maybe this was just the right time to focus on me, and my racing……. Happy training!


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