The Plague….

You may or may nor have noticed I haven’t posted many workouts in the last week or so.  I am sick….again…. This time it is Bronchitis.  I have just been doing easy things like Yoga, and riding the stationary bike.  My cough is finally mostly gone, but my lungs are still a little sore.  I am trying to not push too hard and end up with Pneumonia again.  I feel like I have spent most of the last year sick in one way or another…..It is making training tough, I am just keeping things low-key right now. I am easing my way back into working out and not trying to make it worse.  Which let’s be honest anyone who knows me, knows that is like the hardest thing ever for me to do.  I push myself, it is just instinct to do…..The doctor is checking a bunch of things, lord knows they took enough vials of blood.  She wants to make sure there is a underlying issue that is making me sick so much. I have seen her more this year than I have the last 3.  So I don’t know whether to tell you to cross your fingers that nothing is wrong, or to cross your fingers that something is wrong. At least if they come up with something, we can deal with it. The unknown is worse. School also started this week, which is another adjustment. I am super excited to be able to do my first Practicum though, I was supposed to go to a Cross Fit Box, but it looks like I will be going to the Y instead. I am a little bummer about that, but It will still be great!.  This is the first semester I am taking  a full-time course load since I have been back, I am trying to knock it all out and be done as soon as I can.  Ready for the next step.  Wish me luck with the test results, still not sure which way would be lucky though.  Happy Training!






Goodbye to the old me….

I have been reflecting a lot, on how far I have come.  Where I started.  How I went from being the biggest person in the Spin class, to being comfortable wearing a tri suit and a wetsuit for a race. I am not sure when it happened, it just kind of did before I noticed.  I mean I was always able to fake my confidence well, but deep down, I was not confident in myself at all.  I have noticed that the more I train, the less I give a crap what people think about how I look. Yes, I am still a big girl, to be honest, I probably will always be one of the big girls of Triathlon. Yes I have loose skin, that I have to body glide, tuck into compression gear, and it is uncomfortable when I run sometimes, but then I think about when I couldn’t run at all and I am very thankful that I can run.  So I invest in body glide and other products like it, I put Run Goo on my feet to prevent the blisters that I always seem to get no matter what I do, well at least until i found Run Goo(thank you Stride box).  I have become one of those, people who don’t want to go out on Friday night, because I have a run/bike/race the next morning. I spend my money on running/triathlon stuff instead of clothes.  To me food has become something to fuel my body rather than something I use for pleasure.  I eat things that I used to think were gross(except Broccoli…lol) but I eat them to keep my body ready for my workouts.  I would rather sleep than stay up late partying, don’t get me wrong there are nights I stay out till 3 am(thanks to my brother for the birthday night out) and then get up and race after having 4 hours of sleep(think i was still drunk when the race started). People make fun of the fact that I am more focused on who I want to be and where I am headed, than settling for less than what I can do.  There are crazy goals, someday that I am aiming for.  I keep them to myself(well I told my coach) but I keep them close to the vest, people laugh when I tell them my regular goals.  I have decided to keep a few things to myself but the crazy goals are a long way off.  I have learned though to embrace the changes, they are necessary to keep moving forward.  So embrace the changes, whether they happen intentionally, or so gradually that you don’t even notice they are happening.



Resolutioners at the gym

Sorry there is some explicit language in this one!



So my news feed is full of people bitching about the people who sign up for the gym at the first of the year.  Then there are the comments about wait a couple weeks they will go away.  It really pisses me off when I see it on pages of weight loss surgery patients or in groups that are geared towards them.  Has it been so long that you have forgotten you were one of those people once?  For fucks sake, try helping them instead of making fun of them. If you do, maybe it will be the thing that makes the difference, it may help them keep going if you encourage it.  If you see someone using a machine wrong help them, don’t let them continue to do it, and possibly hurt themselves.  Remember what it was like when you first joined the gym, and were kind of clueless. I was very lucky and had amazing friends who were there for me, but not every one does.  I guess what I am trying to say is try and help the new people instead of being an asshole to them!  It might be the thing that changes someone’s life!  You could be that person for someone, and we all started somewhere!