Resolutioners at the gym

Sorry there is some explicit language in this one!



So my news feed is full of people bitching about the people who sign up for the gym at the first of the year.  Then there are the comments about wait a couple weeks they will go away.  It really pisses me off when I see it on pages of weight loss surgery patients or in groups that are geared towards them.  Has it been so long that you have forgotten you were one of those people once?  For fucks sake, try helping them instead of making fun of them. If you do, maybe it will be the thing that makes the difference, it may help them keep going if you encourage it.  If you see someone using a machine wrong help them, don’t let them continue to do it, and possibly hurt themselves.  Remember what it was like when you first joined the gym, and were kind of clueless. I was very lucky and had amazing friends who were there for me, but not every one does.  I guess what I am trying to say is try and help the new people instead of being an asshole to them!  It might be the thing that changes someone’s life!  You could be that person for someone, and we all started somewhere!



One thought on “Resolutioners at the gym

  1. Very well said! I love the fact that there are more people around, though I mean park/beach. In a gym even more important to have new people, as it costs money to run it. I love how beginners remind me of where I started.


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