Need some relief…….



Well…..I am sick AGAIN!!! I can’t seem to stay healthy.  Last week it was the stomach flu, this week I have a sore throat and so much sinus pressure I can’t breathe.  I am calling the dr in the am, maybe I need to see a specialist, it seems like most of my issues stem from my sinuses.  I am so frustrated with the whole thing.  I feel like I haven’t been able to train like I want to, I feel like I can’t rest like I want to, which in turns means I am exhausted all the time.  My dr did a crap ton of blood tests and all my tests were normal.  I think at this point the next step is a specialist. Maybe that will get me some relief and help with all of this.  I feel like I am still suffering the after effects of my pneumonia from last year……Pray for me that I get some kind of answer, I am tired of being sick and tired…… 😦  I had all these plans of getting my training back on track but I can’t seem to stay healthy no matter what I do……