Facing my fear and the demons


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So as anyone who has been following me knows I have struggled the last year….With numerous infections, between my sinuses, ears, and bronchitis and the asthma that goes along with that.  Well thankfully they finally figured out what was causing the issues.  I am glad and think the injections are working on my allergies.  As soon as that started happening, I developed a condition called Torticollis, basically my neck was stuck in one position for most of a month, I didn’t train, I literally slept and worked.  Finally that has cleared up after a visit to the Chiro.  I am finally able to start training again.  Which I am extremely happy about because let’s be honest when I can’t train, I am kind of a bitch to be around.  The training helps me keep my depression and anxiety in check, and no training means I turn into an emotional wreck.  So everyone I know is quite happy I am able to train again.  I have a race coming at the end of the month, it is a 10 miler, am I ready for it? NOT AT ALL….lol Will i get closer to being ready yes… I will be doing it with amazing friends who will support me, who always seem to support me no matter how far away I am. I love knowing I have people like that in my life.  So I will finish that race, I will probably be slow about it, but I will finish and I will celebrate afterwards with the amazing friends I have met through the Michigan Runners group, and be happy that I am back on the way to feeling more like myself.  I may not be fast, but I will finish and I will celebrate the finish as a step towards where I want to be towards all the goals I am aiming for.  I also submitted my first application for my BA because I will be finishing my Associates degree this year. It seems like it has flown by, everything is going so fast, and I am finally getting closer to my goals which is a bit scary and makes me a bit panicky but thanks to some of my amazing friends for talking me off the ledge when I need it.  I am also branching out and trying new fitness things…..stay tuned….Happy Training <3<3


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