It has been a while since I have written, probably too long.  I have been going through some things, school has been kicking my butt this semester.  So I have been insanely busy.  I want to talk about something important though, I have been struggling with my workouts and things lately and it is because of my head space.  I let someone else get in there, and this person made me feel not good enough, that I wasn’t really trying.  That I wasn’t really an athlete, it brought up a lot of bad things in my mind.  I had to do some serious thinking and I realized, I am not the issue.  This person is, no one should EVER make you feel not good enough.  Whether this person was aware of how they were treating me or not, they were affecting me and I realized I was sabotaging myself.  The sabotage was because I was letting someone else in my head, which was totally my fault.  I have removed that person from my life,  without any confrontation, just removed them.  I refuse to give this person the power to affect my thoughts and feelings about myself.  So now I start doing a little rebuilding for myself, getting my confidence back, getting back on track with my workouts (thanks T).  I am thankful for some amazing friends who helped me see what was happening to me, and how it was affecting me.  I thank them for listening,  For offering to take care of the person for me, I kinda felt like I was dealing with the mob, when one friend offered to whack the person lol….. I am thankful for my Trimafia Family, for supporting me, and being there when I need them the most.  Who would have thought a simple application for a brand ambassador program would bring such amazing people into my life.  I am Thankful to Todd and Angela for picking me.  I may not be fast, and I have had some health struggles, but they have been amazing in supporting me.  I can’t wait to see what next year will hold for me, I do have some big plans, that I have, I can’t wait to see how they play out! I will be graduating in May, and completing my internship over the summer.  By this time next year I will have my associates degree and be a certified personal trainer through NSCA.  I will also be working towards my B.A. I lost sight for a bit of what my goals were. Just remember your self-worth should not be tied to someone else’s opinion of you.  Do what you want, aim for your dreams, put in the work, that is what determines your self-worth.  Happy Training <3<3


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