Taking things to the next level





Do you ever wonder why?  What motivates you to move, go for that run, bike whatever exercise that you like to do.  Is it so you can lose weight, feel better, to battle your depression, or just escape your day.  For me it is that I actually like it.  I like sweating and the pain after a good hard lifting session.  I like to see how far I can push myself.  Sometimes I fail at what I am trying to do, but I always keep trying.  I am always looking for ways to adjust and get my body to respond better. To push myself to the next level.  To hit the goals I am aiming for. Especially concerning my PCOS, I am always tweaking what I am doing to find what works best to keep the hormones and other symptoms in check.  I am researching all the time trying to find what works.  However that can become a tedious process, especially since I can’t always tell if things are working without blood work from my doctor, which as we all know is time consuming and sometimes expensive.  I was presented with a unique opportunity.  I have been named a Brand Ambassador for the Blueprint for Athletes program through Quest Diagnostics.  I am excited to be able to get the blood work when I want, where I want, the best part of this program is  they come to you to draw the blood, you just schedule they appointment.  I had my first appointment for the first stack(set of tests) I bought on Friday, I am anxiously awaiting my results it takes about 7 days.  It was so easy, and actually the easiest blood draw I have ever had.   I think this is really going to help me take my training to a whole new level especially when it comes to my PCOS and hormones.  Being in a war with your body all the time sucks.  The tests are pretty reasonable considering they will send someone to you to draw the blood.  I got a discount code for myself, and one to share with people, which I think is a great deal.  I am super stoked about being able to utilize this program to help me move forward with my goals!  I think 2018 will be my best year yet!  Happy Training <3<3