Training tools….



We as athletes use many training tools to measure and try to improve our performance. We use all kinds of gadgets to test body fat, weight, speed, how much we can lift how hard we can pedal or swim.   In September I was given a unique opportunity to try a new tool to improve my performance.  I was a little skeptical to be honest of how much it would help, but I decided to give it a shot.  I agreed to be a brand ambassador for Quest Diagnostics Blueprint for Athletes Program.   I signed up for my first blood draw I picked the Training status stack.   It was super convenient, I just scheduled the blood draw, and they come to you and with my crazy schedule that made my life so much easier.  After about a week I got my results. They showed me things I was not aware of like my iron was low for one thing.  You get a great report with your test results telling you what all the numbers mean and how to fix anything that is not in range of where it should be.  I also got the coaching option with that stack. It was about a 30 minute call with a Registered Dietitian who was able to go into detail about what my results meant and how to fix a couple things that were off.  My most recent blood draw though gave me a lot of information about how my training affects my body.  I worked out, ate a snack and then had my blood draw after that.  My glucose level was pretty low.  For someone with PCOS that is not normal, most people with PCOS tend to run on the higher side for Blood Sugar.  That shows me that my blood sugar is dropping pretty far when I am training, and I need to make sure I am taking in a little extra fuel when I am on a longer training ride/run, or I could get Hypoglycemic.  I mean it was outside the ranges for low, and I had just eaten about 45 min before I had my blood draw so it should not have been that low, especially since I had milk with my snack which is higher in sugar naturally.  This result especially may explain why I am struggling late in my races, anything longer than a 5k I seem to struggle late in the race.  I am super excited to be able to use the information that I am getting from these tests to help me improve my performance and hit all my goals for 2018!  I think adding this tool to my “toolbox” is going to be a game changer for me as far as training and hitting my goals.  Happy Training <3<3