Obstacles everywhere




This year has been a doozy, I guess more specifically since May…. I graduated!  I was so proud of that, and I am off to my next degree by attending Northern Illinois University.  I was having some plantar faciitis issues in May, and then started having some trouble with my elbow.  I followed orders and both seem to be better now.  I haven’t been training much, although I am working to get back on track.  Just as I was starting to get back into the swing of things with training, my mom got sick.  She has been in the ICU now for 19 days, she is improving some, and is currently in what they call the step down ICU.  She will be ok, but she has a long road ahead of her.  I realized who I could really count on the last few weeks, the friends who were there, even the ones who don’t know my mom.  I was however focusing so much on my mom and making sure my dad was eating and all that good stuff, that I was neglecting myself…..a lot… So I am back to putting myself higher on my list of things to do and take care of.  I put some workouts on my calendar and started tracking my eating habits. I was kind of scared to step on the scale, but to my surprise I actually lost some weight since the last time I weighed myself.  I will get back to training, mainly because well…it is making me a giant bitch(worse than usual) to not be training and working out.  I may get a couple of races in before the year is over, but I have a feeling that I will be building for next year rather than actually doing too much racing with what is left of this year, and I have to let that be ok.  Life has gotten in my way a bit, but if I focus on what I missed, I won’t be living in the now, and that is something I have decided is way more important.  Overcoming any obstacle that comes in my path will make me a better and stronger person.  In the words of Meredith Atwood, this is the year of no nonsense.


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