Dealing with the Fallout


     I am an emotional eater.  It is something that I work on all the time.  The last 6 months have really caused me to go so far off the rails with my eating habits.  Between the eating fast food while running between class, work and the hospital, and the emotional eating of dealing with my mom being so sick, and adding in the holidays and my birthday after she lost the battle she was fighting, I have gained weight, and it is totally my own fault for not finding a better way to deal with it.  So I decided to start looking into meal prep companies.  With my schedule cooking and getting everything together is just one more thing I struggle to add into my days.  While doing a google search I stumbled upon Trifecta Nutrition. 

     Most of the companies I found locked you in to a set meal plan, not so with Trifecta, they offer an Ala Carte option, that I have discovered which I love.  I think it makes things so much easier to order protein, carbs and veggies, and then I can mix and match my meals so I am not locked in to one type of meal.  I am about to complete my first full week using the service.  I kind of love it. I use Trifecta for 2 of my main meals every day.  Then I have supper with my family and 2 snacks in order to hit my macros for the day.  Speaking of my macros, that is something I always struggle with getting in enough protein especially.  It is so much easier with having everything portioned, so I know I am getting 4oz of protein which makes tracking easy.  I have also been able to add in things that I don’t normally get on a regular basis.  Things like Bison, Ahi Tuna and Quinoa, that are not readily available where I live or take too long to make without taking shortcuts that eliminate some of the health benefits involved. 

      I weighed myself and this week I am down just over 4 pounds….in the first week!!!   I can’t wait to take my pictures and measurements when I am a month in to see the changes to my body.  I have also been having way less stomach issues, and lets be honest if you know me well you know my stomach hates me….I am sick or in pain a lot, and eating this way with less processed foods, my stomach seems to like that plan.  Having this tool to help me refocus my eating from my emotions has been a big help. I am so excited to see where this year takes me to see what I can achieve.  I have a goal in mind, but I am not ready to share that just yet…. I will however share a link below for you to check out what Trifecta offers and see if they can help you.  I think this is just the plan I need to get my training fueled for my 70.3 in August.  Oh, one other thing, I have a discount that I can share for 20% off your first order with Trifecta!  So send me a message here, or on Facebook if you want to try them out! Happy Training ❤

Here is the link to check them out!


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